Reynaers Windows

Windows are literally your window on the world in addition to being your home’s ID card. That is why there is an aluminium profile for every house. From classic and romantic, to stark and modern. There are more than 400 colours for the inside and outside frames.
Aluminium is one of the most hard wearing building materials and is nearly maintenance free, highly insulating and durable. In addition the slender profile of aluminium windows guarantees to let the maximum light into your home.
Here are two window systems we use a lot:

The CS68 is a thermally improved three chanber system for windows and doors that boasts the optimum combination of high insulation levels and optimal safety.
The system is available in a variety of aesthetic shapes to match current architectural styles whilst offering all types of both inward and outward opening windows and doors. Double butt strips between the frame and vent and lowered drainage ensure superior wind and water tightness. Different inner and outer colours are possible.
Frame 59mm
Vent: 68mm (window), 59mm (Flush door)

The Eco system
is a high performance aluminium system that combines aesthetic design with energy efficiency. With an Uf-value down to 2.2 W/m2K, this system meets the latest thermal insulation requirements.
The Eco system offers a solution for every standard application for inward and outward opening windows and flush doors. Furthermore, Eco system allows the fabrication, production and easy assembly of windows and doors in less time

Download the Eco System Brochure here
Download the C68 System Brochure here