Aluminium Sliding Folding Doors London

Reynaers CF77 Sliding Door System

People are continuously looking for ways to maximize their space, as well visually as physically.
The Concept Folding 77 offers them the opportunity to optimize the utilization of their rooms, drawing the external environment into their homes. Next to the improved space utilization, this innovative system offers the advantage of loads of daylight coming in, as well as an aesthetical design.

Another practical feature of CF 77 is the optional door locking principle which allows to use the first leaf as an entrance door without affecting the folding capacity of the system.


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With CF 77, design and user friendliness go hand in hand with high technical performance. The standalone solution exists out of new profiles, accessories and insulation technologies that have specifically been designed for folding systems. It ensures high insulation values (Uf values down to 2,25 W/m2K) that meet stringent local legislation requirements as well as market demands. Innovative functional and technical features:

- Highly thermally insulating - Large vent sizes
- Water resistance up to 600 Pa - In- and outward opening using the same profiles
- Glazing up to 63mm - Window or door functionality for the first vent
- 2 to 8 vent combinations - Integrated and centrally build-in bottom rolling  
- Burglar resistant variant - High vent weights