Schuco Curtain Wall

Whether you want a glass wall structure for your home or a glazed roof structure with support bars - Northolt Glass, manufacturing partners with Schueco UK, supply advanced curtain-walling systems for use in vertical facades, sloped glazing applications and building integrated photovoltaic facades.

Schueco systems FW 50+ and FW 60+ offer a wide variety of mullion and transom sizes, together with pressure plates and caps for 50 and 60mm widths respectively. Structural glazing system, FW 50+SG, provides optimum solutions for vertical facades.
All Schueco vent styles are compatible with its curtain-walling systems. Roof vents are supplied in a choice of manual or motorised options.
With Schüco structural glazing systems, architecturally high-quality solutions with a completely flush-fitted curtain wall design can be used. As a thermally broken curtain wall system with flush-fitted opening units and fixed lights integrated in the load-bearing structure, not visible on the outside or inside, or as extensions of the tried and tested Schüco FW 50+ and FW 60+ mullion / transom systems with profiles that are only visible on the room side and external slender shadow joints.

Northolt Glass offer a wide range of Schüco curtain wall solutions for large and small constructions.

An innovative generation of fittings with a particularly streamlined range enables the use of heavy vent weights - also in combination with a concealed electric motor.  For more security and comfort, there is a specially developed ratchet stay for projected tophung opening units, which secures the window at any opening angle for changing wind loads.

Download the Curtain Wall Brochure here