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Bespoke Frameless Glass

Frameless’ Glazing or Shuffle glazing often provides a cost effective, contemporary solution however is limited in regards to the applications in which it can be applied. This system produces a complete flush silicone jointed internal and external finish and often requires relatively heavy glass panes/units. It is the perfect match for our Panoramah minimalist framed sliding doors.

‘Frameless’ Shuffle Glazing is formed by providing recess sections (either with channels or angle assemblies) at opposite ends of the glass (typically about the head and cill detailing). The base recess tends to be relatively small and only needs to ensure that minimum glass engagements are maintained. The opposing recess however must be deep enough to ensure that the glass can be maneuvered (typically 2x the engagement, plus clearance). 
Due to the limitations of such detailing, shuffle glazing is typically only utilised within partitioning and single storey external wall applications. A similar form of shuffle glazing may be utilsed within rooflight/canopy installations; however this is normally utilised for simplified installation (i.e. due to access complications) and does not produce the same frameless aesthetics.


Shuffle glazing options are often limited, due to the required glass thickness increasing exponentially to the required span. Such details however can be introduced into a hybrid design.

Shuffle glazed partitions are often utilsed in high end residential designs. In this application the glass is single glazed and a large variety of options are available for frameless glass hinged/sliding doors and the associated hardware. Shuffle glazed external walls are also often requested and through recent industry developments, near frameless double glazed doors may be utilised.

You may wish to have the glass permanently obscured (sandblasted, acid etched or with a white laminate) or the option to obscure the glass at will (Photovoltaic glass).