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Bespoke Balustrades

Northolt Glass designs, manufactures and installs a wide variety of glass balustrades for a variety of residential applications including staircases, Juliette balconies, terraces, glass shower screens etc

  • Side fix systems
  • Glass clamp systems
  • Glass channel systems
  • Frameless Juliet balconies

Glass balustrades
give an elegant finish and allow uninterrupted views, whilst defining spaces. They create a dramatic look, maximising light and space and can be used for staircases, balconies and terraces. Northolt Glass has a strong track record in designing and installing bespoke glass balustrade solutions tailored to a particular project or building We work closely with architects and contractors to develop the right solution for your project.

Glass channel systems: Stylish in design, the glass channel system can be used indoors or outdoors. The glass is fixed into a mild steel or stainless steel channel using a two part epoxy resin. There are no visible fixings above the base of the glass panels and the system gives the appearance of glass floating above the ground. With or without handrail
Frameless Juliet balconies: 
Can be achieved using glass to create a clean, modern look. They can be bolt fixed or channel fixed using toughened or toughened and laminated glass.
Side fix systems: 
Offer clean lines and are perfect for staircases, atriums and open plan spaces. The side fix glass balustrade system can be used internally or externally. Handrails are optional. The system uses toughened or toughened and laminated glass.
Glass clamp systems: Being the most versatile, the glass clamp system can be used for most applications. They are ideal for use on staircases and balconies. They are usually incorporated into a steel or timber post framed system. The system uses toughened or toughened and laminated glass. Clients can incorporate clear, tinted, frosted or sandblasted glass in any of the above glass balustrade systems.